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lcd-29553-111  model blackberry 9790


qty 75 kpcs









LCD with digitizer and frame



 LCD with digitizer and frame



 LCD Frame Assembly with pad



LCD with digitizer and frame

LCDs and LCDs with Digitizer frame    
BB Model Part Number Descriptiom
9790 LCD-29553-111 Omega LCD Module - Unified
9300 LCD-11059-114 LCD ThinSapphire
9320 LCD-44336-112 LC-Epsilon LCD unified part
9360 LCD-38356-111 LCD
9700 LCD-23269-111 LCD Multisource Mirage
9380 LCD-39575-111 Vulcan LCD module - multi-source
9900 ASY-38254-002 LCD, Blade T/P Assembly, White
9860 ASY-45076-005 9860 Asy Front Cover wLCD (ZK5)
Q-5 ASY-51312-004 R092 Assembly, Front, Red
P9983 ASY-59577-002 R139_ASY_DISPLAY - Graphite
Z-3 LCD-59834-001 Display Assembly_JAT Z3
Z-10 ASY-54898-002 GRS STL100-3 White LCD FH Assembly
Passport ASY-58641-001 R135-ASY-DISPLAY (Black)
9850 / 9860 LCD-29576-111 LCD Hanami unified 3.69in 15:9 480x800 WVGA CS3
Classic ASY-60639-006 display assembly R142_R148_R148
9380 ASY-47540-001 R032_Assy_Front_Housing_LCD
P9982 ASY-56700-002 R117 display frame New
  Housing and Frame  
9790 ASY-52813-111 9790 ASY Front housing black new
9790 ASY-38394-115 9790_ASSY_FRONT_HSG_BALLET_PINK
9380 ASY-40525-001 9380_Assy_Front_Housing_PMMA
9380 ASY-40525-001 9380_Assy_Front_Housing_PMMA

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